When nursing homes are understaffed, who does that affect? California seniors. They aren’t receiving the quality care they deserve because nursing homes are putting profits over people. 

Over 170,000 COVID deaths in the US are connected to care facilities. Nursing homes across the country didn’t have the proper protections or investments to prevent this. Why? Because care has always been put last – we were last to get PPE, we come last when it comes to budget – and our nursing home residents and workers are taking the fall for it.

The COVID-19 Nursing Home Protection Act (PROTECT Act) will change this – it provides additional resources to states to ensure that nursing home residents and workers are protected and respected. It’s past time that this legislation is passed – now, we need your help to make sure it gets across the finish line. 

Join us, and tell California leaders to put care first by passing the PROTECT Act so that our loved ones can get the quality care and protections they deserve.